Some of the websites that we visit often has a tendency to play audio automatically. Google Chrome will have the solution for this problem. Google Chrome’s latest update lets you mute tabs according to your preference. Pop up blocker also has been tuned up to stop more annoying pop ups.

Mute Tab:

As you know, the mute tab was already a part of Google Chrome, the problem with that feature was that it was in beta and was temporary. Before you could mute the tab, the tab would’ve already played the audio and in worst cases, pop up messages make those annoying audio alert messages causing a panic which ultimately leads to people panicking and calling the scam number.

Mute tab feature can be accessed by pressing the right click under the tab.

Update to deal with Meltdown and Spectre:

As you know, the latest news is all about Intel’s security exploit Meltdown and Spectre. The update deals with this by adding a security update and would be doing this after Apple’s Safari. This is not going to fix the whole exploit but adds more security encryption against the exploit. Most precisely, the update will deal with Spectre and would be a good option for a browser after this mind boggling exploit.


The next important feature of this update is the stoppage of annoying trackers. Ever searched for a product for few minutes online and the products follow you through your internet in the form of ads? Well, that is because of cookies, a small chunk of meta data records what you do online and shows advertisements relevant to that. This update will stop that from happening, not completely but will moderate as you and I know that Google’s major source of income is its Adwords/Adsense program. They’re not the first to implement this as Safari last month released an update in the same regard.

Final thoughts:

Google Chrome 64 is a major update, if you want to update your Google Chrome, simply just close the browser or you can click this link with Google Chrome and your browser will update. Tell us if the update has interested and/or benefited you in our comment section.


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