Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Office 2019 will not support previous versions of Windows and can only support Windows 10 1511 and above. This means that you cannot install MS Office 2019 on previous versions of Windows unfortunately.

This has led to some speculations and raised a few eyebrows. All Microsoft products were backwards compatible so far and especially Microsoft Office has been available for all the operating systems and this decision has definitely gave us an insight on Microsoft’s new plans with Windows 10.

Windows 10 and its Updates:

Windows 10 updates are a vital part of the operating system itself. Microsoft has already proposed the idea of charging for the updates instead of releasing new operating systems by itself. Creator’s update 1709 is a prime example of how an operating system can be completely revamped by itself. This also gives an idea of us users on how Microsoft is taking its product.

Updates have always been a common feature on the Windows computers and this move to link Windows updates and Microsoft Word is there to bond the updates selling plan from Windows.

Charge for Updates:

Microsoft has always been keen on charging for updates rather than releasing newer versions of Windows. This has been reported by Forbes and later confirmed by Microsoft in an interview. This is a very good move by them to tackle their biggest problem, piracy! Microsoft on the other hand has always had major plans with Windows 10 and this could be the start of many.

Other platforms and Windows 11:

For Macintosh, Microsoft has not put any restriction yet. They are releasing their Windows for Macintosh soon and there’s no deviation on that. Microsoft has always stuck with their latest version of Windows business and with feature updates and creator’s updates rolling out, the chances of getting a Windows 11 or 12 is not possible for now.

Final Thoughts:

Releasing Microsoft Office 2019 exclusively for Windows 10 is an okay move, after all they still support earlier versions of MS Office to other operating systems and it is about right time to upgrade to Windows 10 because the operating system has its flaws but well oiled and has been constantly updated with care. What do you think as a consumer? Are you okay with Windows releasing MS Office exclusively for Windows 10 proceeding forward? Let us know in the comment section below.


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