Remember the Dress? If not, here’s a refresher:

What color is this? Some people see this as blue/black and others see it as white/gold. This is due to the frequency of the waves travelling to your eyes. So what is this new phenomenon about Laurel and Yanny?

Listen to this clip from RolandCamry

What do you hear? You hear Yanny or Laurel? Well, if you hear either Yanny or Laurel and have a roommate or a friend or even a parent disagree with you, you’re not alone. The whole world is actually confused with this audio clip and we are trying to make sense into the situation. Some call it The Dress 2. It’s just our brain playing tricks with us and that is something that we can never comprehend.

The explanation:

After you’ve argued with your friend about the actual word, here’s the answer for the whole confusion. The word has two frequencies and there’s a scientific name for this. It is called Equal-loudness contour where one picks up two different frequencies in their ears. Let’s listen to the audio again with a high pitched sound, you will hear Yanny and let’s reduce the sound and you will probably hear Laurel.

Here’s another gif that might put your brains to a test:

So, do you think the train is going towards your left or towards your right? I rest my case here. Let you be the judge. We surely would love to follow up on this article to add more information about these and would surely update you as well. Let us know what you think in the comment section.




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