Acer has announced two models and calls them the world’s smallest 4K Projectors. With just 15.7 inches(Wide) x 11.7 inches( Length) x 5 inches (Height) these are definitely the world’s smallest 4K Ultra HD projectors. These projectors can provide sharpest 120-inch images with pixel shifting technology.

Both the models are compatible for HDR and Rec. 2020, and auto adjust for brighter scenes. Acer is using the Acumotion technology which is used for the betterment of picture clarity and reduce motion blur to deliver incomparable performance for A/V enthusiasts. By generating intermediate frames and inserted between the existing ones, it prevents the flickering by making it ideal for watching bigger pictures.

These models feature TI XPR technology, it delivers more or less 8.3 million on-screen pixels, its 4x times the Full HD resolution.

Acer Projector H7850
Acer Projector H7850

Acer’s Ecoprojection power-saving feature makes sure that projector can extend the lamp’s life at least to 15,000 hours. Both models have inbuilt 5W speakers which eradicates the reason for external speakers.

Though this product has been available for sale in many other countries, it’s only hit the US market now.


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