WiFi Alliance, who overseas the overall usage of wireless and encouragement of wireless devices are currently certifying and in tests with the latest wireless security protocol WPA3. WPA3 or Wireless Protected Access 3 would be a direct successor of WPA2 and this means that you can feel more secured in the world of internet.

WPA3’s main feature is to stop Brute Force attacks. If you don’t know what brute force does, it basically cracks WiFi passwords by constantly try and repeat guessing the passwords. This means that the password which are weak and short were prone to such attacks in the past. This is also the very reason why you should have a strong password in the first place with alpha-numerals and special characters. WPA3 has some solutions for such problems in the future though.

The whole process from WPA2 to WPA3 will take months to years to be implied just as same when WPA and WPA2 happened in the past. Many of us barely change our wireless router over the years and unless and until the router is hardware unfit, we barely change them, this might be the same case with WPA3 and only new models can equip this chip and the software. WPA3 will protect offline data stream attacks and other threats which compromises the wireless sanity and threats. Overall, this is a welcoming move for all the wireless users around the world and it would be okay to spend some extra bucks on your security. After all, who doesn’t want some extra protection on their devices? What do you think about WPA3? Let us know on the comment section below.


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