Yet another interesting news and the battle between the Battle Royal games Fortnite vs PUBG. PUBG sued Fortnite for blatant rip off of their Battle Royal mode, similar GUI and weapons overall. However the lawsuit was dropped earlier today which PUBG withdrew the case.

The lawsuit initially claimed and expected to last longer has been dropped and a reason has not been enclosed yet, however the reasons might be that it was ridiculous to begin with as many stated. Fortnite and PUBG are very similar and despite having many additional features, PUBG was surpassed by Fortnite, partly because of its growing community and simplicity whereas PUBG required the end user to purchase the game.

Fortnite beating PUBG:

Imagine PUBG as Counter Strike and Fortnite as Team Fortress 2, its wide appeal and art style is absolutely amazing, Fortnite. You can just grab a controller/mouse and start playing it without the intimidating feeling overall. The most often response you hear is that PUBG is realistic and that might be good and bad. Fortnite on the other hand is just plain fun, easy to pick up and play. Another great example is despite being free, Fortnite honors the Free to Play style by just releasing cosmetics for purchase and everything else is pretty much free. The things you spend money to buy on Fortnite are quality dancing moves (Stupid but in a good way) and cool looking skins. Fortnite stays with pop culture and often conducts events relevant to the current trend in the market and the base of Fortnite, which is ridiculous allows it to do so, whereas PUBG cannot just break the 4th wall to release Thanos in its game. Fortnite’s success is this.

Final Thoughts:

You can patent your game from being ripped off, you can basically protect the assets and features of the game but you cannot patent a genre. If ripping off the GUI or weapons were the problem, there were multiple games that were released PUBG with similar looking GUI and every game has similar weapons. Brendan Greene is an innovator and so are Epic games. It is good news for both the developers as they can now focus on improving their games and their stock will be restored to its original prime.


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