Let’s all admit it, we knew that it’ll be good, we knew Kratos will impress but Sony proves that they can surpass your expectations despite all the positive material they’ve released for the game’s promotion.

Without spoiling anything, the review will focus on the grand aspects of God of War as a gamer who was impressed and knew that this would be the most successful Sony game (debatable in the comment section) ever. Sony manages to pull a wonderful game weaved for their PS4. At times, you forget that you’re playing a new series and not God of War and that is not a bad thing. Often games get revamped and people feel that it was unnecessary. God of War 2018 is not the same God of War 2005 that you played where Kratos jumped off a cliff.

What changed?

If you remember one of your favorite series, often its failure surrounds the fact that the game/movie is nothing different from the first part. Everything remains the same and the formula gets old and that has been noted in the previous three games. They did not call it God of War 4 for the same reason. They knew that they are not going for the Spartan Kratos. They wanted a Kratos that is much more subtle and can contain himself at all costs. At times, he reminds us of the original Kratos and this can be seen as either a tribute to the last three games or a way how he was written.

If you’re a fan of the Last of Us (Wait! Who isn’t?) you’ll know that games often work magically when you’ve a relationship building amongst characters and weaved with composition to say the least and this works perfectly in God of War 2018.

The new Kratos:

Okay, you get it, he’s awesome! Well it is much more than that. Christopher Judge has done justice to Terrence C. Carson and Kratos still feels like he’s a real person, thanks to them, carrying Krato’s emotions. Atreus is the son of Kratos and it is often seen how Kratos cares for his son and how the son deserves the dad’s love. They correlate with each other so good and reminds often Joel and Ellie.

Here’s an example of how he has changed. Answersby.com


No more hack n slash, it was so satisfying to slash through hundreds of enemies, but improved gameplay often packs a punch. Blades of Choas felt so good but so does the Axe. You’ve so much space to roam but this is not a free roaming game. It feels similar to the Tomb Raider games when it comes to the exploration. You have lots of places to go and do side quests and they tell their own stories.


Overall, God of War 2018 stands a mile apart from God of War 3 and that is for the good. God of War’s new direction makes us think that it is completely okay to change the complete game as long as it is done right. Strong gameplay mechanics help an already powerful game and God of War is a narrative masterpiece in the right direction.


  1. I love the game that Sony made but not their marketing methods. Making exclusive games to increase your console sales is a **** move. I could seriously get a console just to play this game, but I don’t want to support Sony’s marketing methods. We would all be happier if GOW were to be released for computers as well. I’ve already spent 500 bucks on my PC you know? Haha.


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