Monster Hunter: World is all ready to release on home consoles but as many other titles, the PC version is delayed as you might already know. Capcom has broke the silence earlier during their article for PC Gamer.

“For the main Monster Hunter game, this is our first PC title and it’s something we want to make sure we get right,” said Ryozo Tsujimoto to PCGamer but what does he mean by that?

Monster Hunter: World is an open world game that has a huge map and will load flawlessly without loading zones. The devs from the announcement were always in favor of the consoles over PC, however the console version will also be distributed for both PS4 and Xbox One S.

For PC, Capcom is giving the same response as Rockstar Games and/or Ubisoft would give. The game needs to be optimized for the PC release, adding to the statement, the company suggests that the game will surely be delayed for at least four to six months. This anticipates a huge hit on sales for the PC market. Up on release, we cannot expect the company to see the game at the same retail $60-80 price. Also, the game will be released on Steam and one can surely expect a discount.

Credits: Capcom

In the past, when the PC version was delayed, the main reason was the optimization. Nobody wants to play a lagging game that can barely run at 20-30FPS on their machine. Instead, the game can be delayed but delay should justify the release of the game. I still remember Assassin’s Creed Unity being delayed for the same reason and the release of the game on PC was literally broken. This made Ubisoft give away AC Unity: Dead Kings on all platforms for free as a sorry for its customers.

Monster Hunter: World looks so beautiful and so far, we’ve been told that the game will let users explore an open world filled with monsters. The power up system depends upon the loot that the players collect from their hunts and different strategies are being used to hunt different kinds of monsters. Each hunt has a reward system and there is a Co-op system that involves four players exploring the open world.

The game will and should run flawlessly on PC is what PC gamers expect, as always they are ready to accept the delay for their port but a broken release on PC would be an insult to injury. PC users have been a victim of either a delayed release or no release at all, DRMs that actually punishes the customer over a pirate and broken releases as well. On an optimistic view, the release is first of its kind for PC and would be a great series for PC users to join the lore of Monster Hunter series which is a successful franchise for its console counterparts.

What do you think? Do you think the PC version of Monster Hunter: World to be well optimized? Let us know on the comment section!


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