After a good wait, we’ve God of War game that surpassed our expectations right now. The most talked about thing on this topic is Kratos and his character reboot. It is the most loved thing about God of War other than the immersive graphics and beautiful visuals that the game provides us.

This comes to one of the most fundamental and basic question in this topic, what makes this Kratos better? But wait what? One cannot decide that yet so let us get in depth with these two versions of Kratos, perhaps these two different protagonist with God of War.

Old Kratos:

Who doesn’t love the classic hack and slash Kratos with Blades of Spartan in his hands breaking the violence barrier? Well, if you’re literally asking that question, probably Greek Gods, but other than that, God of War trilogy provided us with perfect action but more better, we got ourselves the Spartan Kratos. Fast forward few years later, he was absolutely relinquished in God of War reboot. However, his persona on God of War 3 was the most memorable.


  • His rage and anger.
  • His immaculate strength.
  • His attitude to not give up.
  • He’s literally immortal.
  • He’s God.


  • Ability to not listen.
  • Can easily be provoked
  • No mercy (Can be a strength in a way)

So what gives Kratos his legendary status? Honestly, it’s his weakness as the game portrays, he is impatient and that is his reason for success. Let’s now look at the Kratos from God of War 2018.

God of War 3 Kratos, he is immortal

New Kratos:

The times, they are changin… Kratos as we know has been completely overhauled and has been composite. He keeps himself calm and tries to hide his emotions in the opening few minutes in game. Slowly though, he progresses and shows himself as he is a bit part of his old self. The moment I felt my money was all worth was when Kratos gets trapped by the stranger inside the rocks, he uses his Rage of Sparta for the first time in game. That makes us think why we love God of War. He shows that he is still dangerous and relentless when it comes to battle. Axe of Leviathan feels as comfortable as Blades of Sparta. Perhaps one day, we’ll post a Blades of Sparta vs Axe of Leviathan, only time will tell *Cough* Trends *Cough*. Below are some of his strengths and weakness that I’ve noticed so far.


  • Composite
  • His caring nature towards Atreus
  • He is only angry when it’s absolutely needed.
  • Protective and smart.


  • Commitment/Family (This added some intense moments but always puts Atreus in threat)
  • Calm

So who’s better? Personally, I feel the new Kratos is better, this is because he fills that little void that the old Kratos was missing and that is emotion. This doesn’t mean that the old Kratos lacked it but the new one represents it. Kratos at the end of the day is and will always be a legendary character but the latest version proves that he cares and that is very important. Father Kratos as they call it think and plans while the other one just goes straight and kills. In a fight, the GOW3 Kratos would win, sure! But as life itself progresses, Father Kratos wins our hearts by a long mile.

You don’t agree with me? Fine! Let’s settle this in the comment section below!


  1. I do like the old Kratos and I also do like how much attention to detail the developers have. This version of Kratos feels generally slower in the battle. He seems older. And that was the aim since the beginning. I’m loving it. Too bad I don’t have a console so I’m stuck with watching the GOW streams on Twitch haha.

    • The new Kratos or Father Kratos internet calls him is one of the most hand weaved character that I’ve ever seen in my life. If you’re planning to get a console, this is the right time man.

  2. There are 3 different pairs through the first 3 games. In the new version he somehow found the Blades of Chaos sometime between God of War 3 and the new title. The Blades of Chaos are the weapon that Aries gave him and stripped from him in the first game.


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