The much awaited Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer has been released by Rockstar Games again and this means that the console owners can await the game while much like Red Dead Redemption 1, there’s no word about the game getting released on the PC platform. While many feel bad about this, here’s some reasons to understand how the series works and why it is most likely that it will get a PC port.

Red Dead Redemption 2:

After the story of John Marston, the latest addition to an amazing series Red Dead Redemption follows the same Wild West settings. The first trailer which was released few months ago was absolutely classic. Everyone were off their seats looking forward the next game. Which brings us to the discussion that a lot of PC players had when Red Dead Redemption was released. Will the game be released on PC? That was the biggest question in everyone’s mind at that time.

Petition and the release saga:

PC players requested the game to be released on the PC, this was because of how advance and intriguing the gameplay was and the story was. However, the game was not released for the PC despite the requests. Theories surrounded the scene and finally, it was because Red Dead Revolver was exclusive to that time last gen consoles.

The problem with that is that this was not true. The original problem was that we all remember how poorly GTA IV was ported onto PC, they had to face a lot of problems porting last gen games on to PC. Years would pass and now we stand here without Red Dead Redemption. Would porting cost Rockstar to port an old game like Red Dead Redemption? Well of course yes! Will Rockstar make much profit from Red Dead Redemption. I highly doubt it. The game cannot be sold more than $20 on Steam and that is for certain. Rockstar would take lots and lots of time before they can even port a last gen game on to PC, they would rather be busy with the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 and/or GTA Online.

Releasing it on consoles is not going to help the PC, Red Dead Redemption.

Fate of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC:

The reasons are obvious. Why wouldn’t Rockstar announce RDR2 on to PC alongside Xbone and PS4? Rockstar does not announce games directly to PC and this has always been the case. Gamers had to wait for all their games literally on their PCs. So it really depends on how you look at this. I think it’s all about looking at the past and their releases. Considering another factor that Rockstar has never talked about the port anywhere else. There’s one other problem that the game is second of its kind, meaning that Red Dead Redemption 1 has not bee released but 2 getting released would be magical. It’s not like companies haven’t done that. Take Saints Row for example. Saints Row 1 was only on the consoles and from Saints Row 2, every platform was graced with a release.

Picture speaks thousand words about Red Dead Redemption on PC.

Final Thoughts:

One has to stay optimistic in reference to RDR2 release on the PC. If Red Dead Redemption 2 gets released on PC, it surely will not be from day one but will take its sweet time. Times have changed and Rockstar has made some very good PC ports, take Max Payne 3 and GTA V for example. With GTA Online getting equal support and good money on the PC, it is going to a wonderful experience over altogether. Let’s hope for a PC port soon and not a half baked mess of a release *cough*GTA IV*cough*

What do you think? RDR2 deserves to be on the PC but that’s my thought, what about you? Let us know below!


  1. GTA IV is indeed one of the worst ports ever. I’ve got a GTX 750 Ti and it runs at 30-60 FPS on maximum settings with some rare frame drops. The thing is that it utilizes only 30-50% of my GPU. As for Red Dead Redemption, I imagine that it’ll come to PC. Rockstar has already witnessed huge earnings from the PC version of GTA V and it still doesn’t sell for less than 30 euros.

    • I remember playing GTA IV after buying it and seeing a slideshow rather than a game and that was one of the most horrific scenes in this existence of mine.


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