Whenever the next version of Android gets released, there is probably a code name and a speculation about the release by itself. We have certain ideas and researches regarding this. As you know that the recent beta has been released, the whole Android feels a good beta version overall. We tried Android P and the whole operating system is a less clunky and feels good. But our focus is rather on the name itself.


Well, the logo gives away, right? Well the logo looks like Pateron logo, yes but the mint green color with ice like decal in the background might give us a hint that it might be peppermint. The strength of this claim has increased after the current logo turning green and giving us a fresh color overall.

Android Pancakes:

The reason for this speculation is mainly because of desert type. Peppermint is not really a desert but however, Pancakes can be a tasty desert indeed. Can pancakes be the #1 contender?

Android Popsicle:

Well, before we disregard that Popsicle is actually the company but not the food, Android made Oreo possible, so why not Popsicle? After all, different color schemes looked absolutely beautiful. This means that the possible chances of the next Android Popsicle being possible.

Honestly, it could be called almost anything, however we give you the power of vote. You decide what would suit the next big name for Android. Trust me, there were speculations in the past and there were some accurate ones. Why not vote today and be a part of something bigger than just an article today?

Oh and there’s an Easter Egg, I can’t help to see the similarities between Android P and Pateron logo for some reason. Do you?



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