Popular Media Streaming app Plex has now added its support for Google’s own VR Daydream. Users can now stream all their media from Plex to Google Daydream directly without much efforts.

Plex or should we say Plex VR is an addition to an already growing application to enjoy the virtual realty at a whole new level according to the developers.

Credits: Plex.com

Google’s Android based VR Daydream has a list of its exclusive and most of its charm ends at the menu screen and ends up on choosing an application.

Plex has recently posted this video on their YouTube channel.

Impressed already? The selling point of this VR merger is the option to watch the content together. Ever missed a buddy whom you used to watch movies together but you’re no longer able to do so? Well, Plex VR is the answer here. You can now join your buddy virtually if you have the same setup.

Up to four friends can join together and watch movies together with you and all of these friends can actively and lively communicate using voice chat. Plex VR supports all the media that you’ve on your phone and also of your friends who has allowed you to share. You can play all shareable media including 360/180 videos.

You can throw pop corn, individually choose movies with a stylized 3D card and will be provided in three different environments named as the Void, Apartment and Drive In (Exclusive).

It’s time to grab your pop corn and start streaming all your movies in this complete immersive experience. This news will be great to existing Daydream users as majority of them felt that Google Daydream has failed to make an impact. Plex would definitely be a great selling point and with this exclusive deal in place, we can expect a reasonable impact on both of these brand’s exposure.

What do you think about this new merger between Plex and Google? Will you be looking forward using Plex VR? Let us know in the comments below.


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