Okay, so we all know that Apple is the first business to hit the one billion mark, however we have some interesting facts about this new achievement. Apple’s this news was very anticipated in the recent days and with their involvement in all lines of business, it was eventually happening. Amazon also is catching up to achieve this milestone soon but it is the #1 that we remember.

1. Apple is the first company to reach this milestone:

Wasn’t this expected? Apple is the first company to reach the trillion dollars mark. This will be remembered in the history because as the prologue of this article says, it was much anticipated and expected of Apple about this anyways.

2. Here’s the timeline of Apple:

1999: “Why we buy” by Charles Fishman
2004: “If he’s so smart… Steve Jobs, Apple, and the limits of innovation” by Carleen Hawn
2007: “All eyes on Apple” by Adam L. Penenberg
2007: “The Tao of Steve” by Elizabeth Spiers
2010: “Invincible Apple: 10 less from the coolest company anywhere“ by Farhad Manjoo
2011: “The great tech war of 2012“ by Farhad Manjoo
2012: “The lost Steve Jobs tapes“ by Brent Schlender
2013: “An oral history of Apple design: 1992-2013” by Max Chafkin
2014: “Can Apple’s Angela Ahrendts spark a retail revolution?“ by Jeff Chu
2015: “Tim Cook on Apple’s future: Everything can change except values” by Rick Tetzeli
2016: “Regis McKenna’s 1976 notebook and the invention of Apple Computer, Inc.” by Harry McCracken
2016: “Playing the long game inside Tim Cook’s Apple“ by Rick Tetzeli
2018: “Why Apple is the world’s most innovative company“ by Robert Safian

3. Rivals:

Apple beat out other large tech companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Google parent company Alphabet, in the race to a trillion dollars. As with most milestones of this nature, however, Apple reaching exactly a trillion dollar market cap doesn’t have too much significance, beyond the vanity of it.

Top charts as of FQ 2018:

Apple – $926.9B
Amazon.com – $777.8B
Alphabet – $766.4B
Microsoft – $750.6B
Facebook – $541.5B
Alibaba – $499.4B
Berkshire Hathaway – $491.9B
Tencent Holdings – $491.3B
JPMorgan Chase – $387.7B
ExxonMobil – $344.1B
Johnson & Johnson – $341.3B
Samsung Electronics – $325.9B
Bank of America – $313.5B


Final Thoughts:

This has been an amazing time for Apple and exciting times for everyone. It has been an amazing year for all the companies that are tech related anyways. We are all waiting for that best moment to see Amazon reach the 1 Trillion mark as well but for now, this is a human achievement and great times while we make history.


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