How many times have you dropped your mobile phone and regretted that minute and wanted a time machine to go back to a time where the mobile is not yet broken. Here’s the solution for those stressful times. German student Philip Frenze has invented and patented the Mobile Airbag, it has a sensor to detect when your mobile is being dropped into the ground so that hinges will be released and your phone will no longer fall in to the ground and break into pieces. These hinges are made with metal, so that bounce the phone of the ground but at the same time, would not take all the pressure from the kinetic energy created from the fall. The metal on the sides will use the speed and thus will eject the bent mobile plates on each side of the mobile and saves it.

Perhaps such inventions would surely affect mobile repair shops where you pay for fixing a cracked screen soon. This will surely save a lot of mobile phones, that is for sure. The invention has lots of steps to that needs to be taken and lots of tests that needs to be made to make it perfect, however it is a great and bright invention, that is for certain.


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