As technology grows further, starting from a coffee maker to controlling your vehicles and drones have been controlled by your smartphones. BMW understands this and wants to implement a technology where your car can be controlled by your smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0 and above soon.

This technology will let you access certain features of your car such as car locator, doors lock and unlock and rolling windows. All of these are now being developed to be done within your smartphone. BMW is one of many car manufactures to implement such technology for their vehicles.

Digital Key:

A digital key works same as a normal key where you can control your car doors with a smartphone. One can easily unlock their vehicle with a touch of a screen and can locate car and virtually everything that you could do with a key. Additionally, few of these applications let you control your car and has an inbuilt GPS to surpass a need of installing one. BMW and many car manufacturers were already keen on working self driving cars and all you need to do is to get into your car and bunk on your rear seat while your car drives you to your destination.

Credits: Samsung

Cars and Automation:

As mentioned, most of the self driving cars are already out and it takes one step further and now parks the car automatically as well. Mobile World Congress happened recently in Barcelona and many companies have partaken in the grandest mobile phone showcase in the world. BMW has announced their part of Smartphone ideas that they were proposing. Digital key and self driving cars were their cheery on the icing.

Final Thoughts:

A car that parks itself and drives itself was a dream for many car fanatics back in the day and it is now possible. A smartphone replacing your car key is fascinating as well as dangerous. A little optimism will surely help but questions have been asked about what if I lose my smartphone near my car and someone can steal it? What if a hacker can hack the app and steal my car? Well anyone can do the same with stealing your keys as well. The logic is to not lose that in the first place. As days progress we should embrace the technology growth that grows alongside us and amazes us. BMW will soon implement Digital Key and if you’re wondering, it is already available on the market but is a rare commodity as of yet.


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