So in latest news, we are hearing that Apple wants to sell subscription based services to its users such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. This means that you can subscribe to their paid services to improve your online TV experience.

The news came in early from Bloomberg and is big because all iOS users and users with Apple TV can subscribe with this feature from Apple. Apple also suggests that you subscribe this service at the earliest as they are almost ready to roll out this feature.

Content War with Netflix:

Well it has been going on with a lot of these services with what content they can stream and what they own. This all depends on what services we purchase alienating the end user with sometimes two services because we watch two different shows that are available in two different services. This has always been a problem for certain users like me but to increase this heat, it was already a content war between Apple and Netflix and considering Apple’s previous moves when it comes to content, they tend to sue their opponents over any other content owners. This also means that starting from a simple design symmetry to a whole architecture, it was always a choosy topic to pick amongst its users.

What will be new in Apple’s video subscription service?:

At this time, it is highly unknown and we probably would need to know more about it in the future. For now, we know that Apple is interested in doing this and getting into this business and that will be something Amazon would peel their eyes into. As far as the content goes, it all depends on which series the end user has to sacrifice as it is available in another service that they have not subscribed to. Alongside that, we know for certain that we cannot expect a lot of shows and movies in the initial days of Apple TV, we also assume that the end user will somehow be subscribed if they own an Apple TV and will be bundled with their television as well up on buying their products.

What do you think about this move from Apple? Do you think they will be able to comprehend the market that Amazon has already owned and would need to process further. Let us know.


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