We all loved and enjoyed Microsoft’s E3 2018 conference and it is considered to be a decent announcement with some handful of exclusives, however everyone thought Bethesda’s conference was equally good. As we speak, Ubisoft is delivering their conference but all eyes are now focused on Sony’s conference. We are currently awaiting Sony’s response and we believe that there are few huge announcements to be offered soon.

Sony E3 2018

What to expect?:

Rumors speculate that the current PS4 prices will drop but also PS4 Pro prices might also drop down which is exciting and invites new players to their fanbase. This is not wrong as you can see that Sony has already reduced their hardware and software prices recently:

  • Sony launched a limited-edition model of the PlayStation 4 Slim with a blue-and-gold color scheme, a 1TB hard drive, and new PlayStation branding. It costs $300, which is the usual MSRP of the console, but it will likely appeal to collector types (Walmart, Target, GameStop, Best Buy).
  • The PlayStation 4 Pro, the brawnier variant of the PS4 that gives 4K gaming (but not video) support, slightly more RAM, and a stronger GPU and CPU, is going for $349. That’s a $50 discount. You can read our full review of the PS4 Pro for more details; in general, the upgrade is only worth it if you plan to game on a 4K TV, but those are becoming more and more prevalent. (Walmart, GameStop, Best Buy).
  • A couple of Sony’s PlayStation VR bundles have been discounted as well. First, the Doom VFR bundle is down to $200, a $100 discount (Newegg, Walmart, Target, GameStop, Best Buy).
  • Meanwhile, the Skyrim VR bundle, which includes two PlayStation Move motion controllers, is down to $250. That’s also a $100 discount (Newegg, Walmart, Target, GameStop, Best Buy).
  • Both of these sets come with the second-generation PlayStation VR camera, which added HDR passthrough and built-in earphones. You can read our PlayStation VR review for more details. Fair warning: we had issues with both Doom VFR and Skyrim in VR in testing, though the latter was generally smoother. Either way, you’d buy these for the headset more than the included games. Just don’t expect the wireless experience of the Oculus Go or the top-end visual quality of an HTC Vive.
  • If you already own a PlayStation VR headset but not the optional Move controllers, a two-pack of those is down to $80 at GameStop. That’s a $20 discount.
  • Similarly, chances are you don’t need Sony’s PlayStation VR Aim virtual gun controller, but that’s discounted as well. It’s down to $50, which is $10 off.
  • Finally, Sony’s DualShock 4 controller is down to $40. That’s about $5-10 off the usual going rate. Some retailers are applying the discount to multiple colorways; others only have it for the base black model. (Newegg, Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop, Target)
    Game and software deals
  • God of War, which released in April to glowing reviews, is down to $50, a $10 discount.
    Horizon Zero Dawn is down to $10 at Best Buy. The game’s “Complete Edition,” which covers its DLC content, is down to $20. The game typically goes for $30 these days after launching to much fanfare last year.
  • Gran Turismo Sport is down to $20 at GameStop. The multiplayer-focused racing game normally goes for $40.
  • Nioh is down to $20 from its usual $40. We heartily approved of the Dark Souls-like action-RPG last year.
  • The recent remake of Shadow of the Colossus is down to $20 at GameStop, which is about a $10 discount.
  • If you prefer to buy your games digitally, Sony’s sales page on the PlayStation Store is now live. It includes every deal mentioned above, plus discounts on games like Grand Theft Auto V, Far Cry 5 (which we weren’t huge fans of), and Uncharted 4, among others. Sony is also offering a $10 discount on a 12-month subscription to its PlayStation Plus online service.

Credits: arstechnica.com

This being said Sony has a lot of exclusives lined up as well. We are soon to expect the announcement of The Last of Us 2, Spiderman, Death Strandind and Ghost of Tsushima. While these are in the parking lot, there might be another surprise as many speculate that there might be some teases about PS5 or a PS4 variant which would be powerful. All these price drops makes sense in this logic.

Who won E3 2018? Well, it’s tough to answer

What do you think? Do you think it is going to be a fruitful year for us gamers? We have heard a handful of games already and would love to hear more from Sony and Ubi.


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