Nobody likes annoying pop up advertisements, however we have surpassed them log ago by using addons like Adblock Plus and Adblock Edge. However, Google has plans set up for its new Adblocker inbuilt into Chrome. This has raised eyebrows among advertisers who are using services from Google itself such as Adwords.

Will you notice the Adblocker? Probably not because this Adblocker will not affect its services such as YouTube ads, Facebook ads but the ones that show fake pop up alerts primarily. This will surely stop those annoying virus alert messages.

Scam Alert Message.

Recent Updates and Chrome 64:

So far, we’ve noticed that these advertisements are listed under EasyList and this list is being used by other adblockers such as Adblock Plus Ublock. This list however imported into Chrome will only block those annoying advertisements and not all of the advertisements like Ublock and Adblock Plus/Edge.

Google Chrome with its updates are doing a tremendous job in recent days with updates for Spectre and Meltdown and even Chrome 64 stops websites playing sound with the Mute Site functionality. We’ve posted an article that you can read here.

Mute tab feature can be accessed by pressing the right click under the tab.

Flagging of HTTP as insecure websites:

As the title reads, Google has started marking sites with HTTP as insecure, this means that you will be prompted on the top left of the URL bar with a not secure warning if you visit a HTTP website, this has forced lots of website developers to rush and get a secure server from their hosts. Also, this has been because of November exploits target on HTTP and Google has acknowledged this move.

Fake Alert Messages and pop up/iFrame:

Well, have you ever browsed the internet and while clicking at something, you receive an error message. “Zeus Virus” “Alert, contact Microsoft” with a phone number to call? It can be the most annoying thing ever as these pop ups recreate themselves once closed and not a lot of people know how to close them and end up calling the fake technical support number and getting scammed. Perhaps, this update will focus on such rogue alert messages and up on blocking adverts, Google will send you a pop up (ironically!) about blocking the content which will let us know that the advertisement has been blocked appropriately.

Google has already rolled out notifications to advertisers and publishers with their updated guidelines and how Adwords can be used and cannot be used. Google’s policies has been emailed via links and if the advertisement violates the policy, ads will be blocked despite being a part of Adword services. Also, many of the publishers are in sign of relief as this adblock only deals with annoying fake popup messages and iFrame hacks.

Final Thoughts:

This is certainly not a replacement but the psychology is the same. Also, Easylist is constantly updated with new advertisers everyday and it has been constantly updated with new list of blacklisted websites. The list is going to be eased off because Adblock plus and Ublock Origin just blocks any “” domain where Google’s inbluit adblocker whitelists this which results in YouTube ads flowing flawlessly. What do you think? Do you think this will eliminate the usage of Adblock Plus completely or it’s just another step in the right direction from Google? Let us know in the comment section below.


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