Facebook has suspended 200 apps as a part of their investigation for data misuse. App investigation Audit they call this has detected over 1000s of apps in this category but they’ve chosen the 200 apps that has caused enough chaos within Facebook.

Though the names of the apps are not released yet, it is a staggering number, considering how easy it is for us to lose all our personal data within Facebook. We often share our number, address and in fact our everyday life on Facebook without understanding the consequences. Ever wondered why you get those annoying emails even though you never subscribed for them? Let’s look at an analysis below:

App Permissions:

App permissions are something that we barely care about without realizing how important it is. Imagine that you are installing an App within Facebook module, you are now being prompted to give certain permissions such as access to your contacts and phone numbers by default.

What happens when you permit these apps to take over your information you ask? Well, you’re giving all your information with a click of a button on Facebook to a company you don’t even trust nor have an idea about. It is normal to just click a button before the app lets you use it but considering the risks, it is high.

Here’s an example of How to Change App permissions.

Saving your privacy:

So what can be done? It is simple, before providing the permission for the apps, just make sure to uncheck the ones you don’t need to give the app. For example, Farmville does not require you to provide permissions for providing your phone number. It is very important to see this menu first of all to proceed forward anywhere.

Also, make sure that you install apps that you trust. This means that if you really need an app to use, just do a simple reverse look up. This means that you search for the app on Google and see what people think about the app and how safe it is. You’ll always find results.

Suspended Apps:

Although the last has not been released as mentioned, most of the apps are from startups, they were found releasing the collected information to spammers and click farms to generate advertisements and spam messages/emails.

These are few ways to misuse your information but also, with an extreme level, sometimes major companies get hacked and that is a problem by itself.

Final Thoughts:

At the end of it all, it is very important to keep your data under maintenance. When you join a social networking website such as Facebook, you proactively give all your information, you do this in attempt to find your lost friends, find new ones in your area or to fill the void of loneliness, when it comes to just accepting that you don’t want spam calls/emails is what should be the focus at the end of the day. What do you think?


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