In recent times, Instagram has been making some mainstream media news. Newsworthy or not, we cannot deny the fact that Instagram has become a part of our daily lives or at least most of us.

If you have not caught up with Instagram, it is time now to do so. Instagram has reached 1 billion monthly users now. This is great as more members equals more content. As one of our earlier article reads, 3/4 of the world uses Instagram these days. The users who can access the great world of internet are now flocking towards Instagram and why not?

Subject to a matter of controversy as well, Instagram has been used for the good and the bad and mostly good. Facebook users are reduced so much in recent days and in fact, to a formidable level and study suggests that the traffic is directly heading towards Instagram. This is amazing in its own way.

Why Instagram and not Facebook?:

As discussed in one of our articles before, it is understandable that most of the younger generation use Instagram and not Facebook and retain from signing up into a new account. Young kids often find what older kids do as cool and this has been the news for generally everything. I remember reading about Nintendo power stating the same in the 80s. If this is the case, once Instagram catches up, the younger audience will often restrain themselves from signing up for Facebook altogether. Also, one other reason is that they feel Instagram more liberal than Facebook as their friends and family often restrain from using Instagram because they cannot learn most of it.

An image sharing website has live videos and much more cool stuff in their recent additions. Also Facebook’s constant problems with privacy and data theft does not help the case at all.

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Final thoughts:

Overall, Instagram and one billion users sounds great and one can expect more number of users at the course of the years to come. Let us just hope that the user base only increase until the next big thing comes into play. What do you think? Do you think the changes are amazing. What do you think about this boom in Instagram’s base? Let us know in the comment section below.


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