As days go forward, we’re hearing more news about iPhone SE 2 and what it has to offer. Apple has not focused on iPhone SE 2 since 2016 and some speculations went on about during 2017. Despite fans demanding an update, Apple has been quiet in this matter. It’s not like Apple doesn’t listen, you can see how they took people’s feedback to improve the battle throttling issue and that makes us think that this is not about the feedback at all hasn’t been taken into consideration.

What we know so far:

ut those will almost certainly have to wait until September. The biggest question right now is whether Apple will release an updated iPhone SE, which it likely wouldn’t wait to put on sale. Kuo has said it likely won’t happen, but if it does, it would come in the form of a minor specs boost. It’s hard to speculate with limited details, although it’s worth noting that the EEC has previously certified new Apple products ahead of their launch.

Here’s a quality image of iPhone SE 2

Apple’s response:

Fairly enough, Apple has not shred light in this discussion. So it is high time to wait till September until Apple has something to talk about and how they’re going to handle the whole SE 2 situation. Until that, we’ve to wait.



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