Messenger updates itself for the second time this month with another major improvement. Facebook Messenger App now supports HD videos being sent within the Messenger and also allows users to share 360° Photos without hassles. This adds an additional reason to switch back to Messenger over the regular message button within Facebook.

Messenger overview:

Despite multiple attempts and revamps, Facebook was unable to establish itself with the Messenger. Though it was installed on every device that has the Facebook app, none of its users actually enjoy it. Personally, it is annoying to let your friends know that you are online. I just want to scroll down and see and laugh at memes and log off but due to its “Online Now” notification, your friends will automatically know that you are online and they will pester you with their messages and if you don’t respond, they’ll think that you’re a jerk for not doing so. I tried to change the settings to stop this with pretty much no change. My friends still find out that I am online through thousands of ways on their machines while I scroll down through the meme posts. Perhaps I am reacting Haha so much! Anyways, coming back to the topic in hand, Messenger was not the best app to use as well with lots of restrictions. The old school Yahoo Messenger’s final days saw interesting talking smileys and multiplayer games within the Messenger application. Facebook adopted this in their recent times with the Messenger but the thing that Yahoo Messenger still stands out is that it supports sending video files without affecting its quality. When you upload them on your Messenger, you can expect it to be resized due to various restrictions and bandwidth problems within their app.

This restriction has been addressed in their latest patch for Messenger. You still cannot capture this within the app but only can share the video which makes it a bit silly. Recently, the app started supporting 4K pics without any compression (a little though!) but however, the change has been welcomed.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this is a great feature within the app but as one hilarious comment reads, whom to send them? I barely use the app and it has been nothing but nuisance with the way it blows the whistle on me. Perhaps, one day it will be more secretive and appreciate the privacy of its users. This can be used to share all the group videos we take during our weekend as there’s always a size limit when it comes to Whatsapp. Are you going to be benefited by this update? Let us know in the comment section.


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