While Facebook has been the main source of news for a while in many fields, we’ve recently heard news that Facebook is working on an unsend option on its Messenger quite like Delete for Everyone button on Whatsapp.

This is not new, because it has already been set to Facebook staff. Alongside that, it was also noted that Mark’s Facebook messages will be deleted automatically every two days. This is fair because of the number of messages he receive was overwhelming but at the same time, the end users were not notified in this regard unfortunately.

The Ballady of Zuckerberg’s Messages:

Recently, it has been told that Facebook has been deleting messages that were sent to Zuckerberg prior to 2014 and this was when the infamous Sony hack has happened. This has raised a few eyebrows but at the end of the day, it is quiet logical and after this news has broke, Facebook announced this new update for every user and will turn the sails into a testing phase.

Mark Zuckerberg is testifying to Congress soon and this move doesn’t help their case.

Sent Messages:

It is impossible to delete once sent messages from the recipient’s inbox. Well, this has been how the internet works you would say, but no, once you delete a message from your inbox, it just deletes it from your inbox and not from anyone else. As mentioned, Whatsapp has implied this with a message to both the ends saying that the message has been deleted.

Finally, Facebook’s move towards this will surely have an impact on an already chaotic Facebook topics. We all will be looking forward for Zuckerberg’s meet with Congress and see what he has to confess and how he answers.


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