Good news Android users! Alexa the famous assistant of Amazon makes way to Android and now has an option to be enabled as the default communication and assistant on your Android based devices.

Amazon Alexa has been a moderate success and a selling point for Amazon Echo. However Google Assistant constantly gets improvements as well so it is a choice between the both. However let’s run with the basics, Google Assistant is smarter comparing these two assistant. The reason for that is because Google Assistant can even control your device and its app while in certain places, Alexa lacks the ability. I tried to skip the next song on Google Assistant it works like a charm, I cannot seem to do the same on Alexa. This happens not just on Spotify but everywhere. This depends on how you look at this. So should we leave Alexa out of the picture? There’s skills which we need to look at.

Alexa Skills:

Alexa skills is a set of skills that enhances the whole experience, as of any AI she learns stuff by herself. It follows an algorithm to remember the searches you performed in the past and improves it for the future. I suggest you do this: Buy a meal on your food ordering service, a rule can be set within the food ordering app for you to order it again but you have to have the same diet for the next meal with the same quantity and prices. This feature is stupendous and each of the apps as it enables the developers to write rules and improvise the apps capability.

Configuration has been made easy.

So which is better? At the moment, Google surpass Alexa in almost every aspect and both of these assistants are improving. We have to now imagine with possibilities of using Alexa more, more rules can be created to equal or even top Google Assistant. Only time will tell.

To enable Alexa as your default voice assistant: Apps > Default > Assist & voice input and then choose Amazon Alexa 


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