Having trouble moving ahead? Install and Setup

Allow us to tag your favorite gadgets with your network. We can setup your printer, tablet, smart phone, TV and other wifi enabled devices in your network. We can also help you in syncing apps and ensure everything works as they should.

We also troubleshoot critical errors and issues on your devices. We provide expert support to have your favorite state of the art device to work to its fullest potential.

Plan starting from


Printer and Scanner Support

What about your connected home?

Have you purchased the latest set of gadgets and having trouble having them work as mentioned in the manual? Well, allow us to take care of your devices at home from setting them up to configuring their components and software.

Devices supported:


  • VR (Virtual Reality)
  • AR (Augmented Reality)
  • MR (Mixed Reality)
  • Smart Watches
  • SmartBands


  • SmartTV’s
  • Smart Audio Video System
  • Smart Weights
  • Voice controlled AI’s (Echo, Google now, Siri & cortona)
  • Gaming consoles (Xbox and PlayStation)
  • Light controls (Hue, GE, LIFX etc)
  • Temperature controls (Nest, Honeywell, Lux, etc)
Phone Support

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