Intel has released its 8th generation Core processors with few laptop models. One among them is Acer Nitro 5 Spin. With the new gen processors, this model is effectively promising a 40% boost in speed. Yes, a clear cut 40% boost and all praises to the additional cores. All chips are added with two cores, to the existing 2 cores now chips have 4 cores. Not only the cores, but the threads too have increased as twice to 8. And all these fit into the same tiny package as its predecessor. First four chips revealed now are from U-series of Core I chips. Intel also clearly establishes that the changes are enough to double the improvement of performance than 5 year old computer.

Though there are many cores now, the base clock speed of the chip is low than the previous version. The processor Core i7-7600U had a speed of 2.8GHz whereas the Core i7-8650U will run at 1.9GHz.

On other hand somewhat the same thing is happening with thermal design power though there are newly added two chips. This could affect the performance of the cores. Placing twice the number of cores has increased the speed by 25% only, then rest 15% is from the innovative design and manufacturing methods.

Intel 8th gen chart
8th generation processor performance

Unorthodox it is, that Intel is still using the same Kaby Lake design for the 8th generation processors. Rumor was that this new generation would contain the coffee but much of a surprise was what left over when eager folks understood that it’s the same Kaby Lake.

New chips are designed to handle things like 4K Video, 3D, Virtual reality and other innovations in the relevant platform.

Acer has released a 2-in-1 device Nitro 5 for casual gamer and it’s the most powerful device on the market today. All hail to the new 8th generation core processor in it.


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