Once again the titans are at clash. Its Google this time which has forged a new reply for Apple with Google Duo to counter act Facetime with Google Duo. It’s a video call application which is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Google Duo has very minimal interface and by default has the end to end encryption enabled. Not only Google is promising security for its users, it as well allows users to contact the fellow users from Contacts. Yes, for the first time it has stopped requesting for a Google account and activation is performed with the help of phone number. Though Google informed the Android phone manufacturers about its preference for Google Duo against Hangout on December 1, 2016, it released the stable version for Android and iOS in the month of August 2017.

Video calls quality are set at 720p HD video. For mobile with low bandwidth optimization of quality is performed with WebRTC and QUIC over UDP. WebRTC is a technique used by applications to perform without the need of both external or internal plugins. And QUIC’s intention when put in simpler terms is that to improve the performance to connection oriented web application where latency is expected.

Also Duo calculates or monitors the network quality and provides a controlled fluctuation of video quality.

Knock –knock feature by Android added to this application, is allowing users to take a preview of the caller before accepting the invitation. Moreover users can set up the app in such a way that knock knock feature alerts are performed to callers who are on their contact list. Users can disable this feature all together too.

During the call users can see themselves or what is being transmitted, along with icons to mute, switch cameras and end the call. Without any interruption it smoothly adopts the change in network connectivity like data connection to Wifi.

It’s evident that iphone users might not jump and switch for Google Duo, but this bridge between the worlds is promising for the users from multi-platform. It’s simple, stable and neat.



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