Bose is known for their superb noise cancellation headsets and with their latest release comes sleepbuds. A wonderful little crowdfunded project from Bose. Bose uses noise cancellation in majority of their headphones and these are unique where they would not play songs but rather play soothing music to make you sleep.

Research states that more than 40 million Americans suffer from sleeping issues and the number has been increasing and always been upward spiral. The headset will not play music whatsoever from any of your devices. The whole purpose of the device is to cancel the external noise and play sounds for sleeping. Nearly 3000 backers backed up the project and raised over $450,000 into the development of this project and the project is now all set to release tomorrow. The expected price would be $250 at launch. The audio will be streamed via their app and will let you fully customize how you want to set your sleep schedule.

If a human lives for 75 years, humans spend 25 years of that by just sleeping and that is one third of your life. Many of the teens to young adults barely sleep and study shows that at least 65-75% young adults suffer from sleeping problems due to habits, depression and many more. These pair of headsets would be of good use to all of them and that is for certain.

What do you think? Wouldn’t $250 be a bit too much or is this the first of many innovations targeted at an actual serious world problem and that is sleep deprivation? Let us know in the comment section. Were you the one who were thinking “Can sleepbuds play music?” I hope this answers the question and one more time, it won’t.


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