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With more than 1.3 billion active users per month, Whatsapp has now decided to monetize by commercializing it for business. Though we remember that Whatsapp wasn’t a big fan of advertisements, we have to keep in mind that Facebook has acquired its messaging rival in 2014.

Customers can be reminded or follow up easily in the most convenient way rather than disturbing them with phone calls or slow responsive emails. Infact, you can very well personalize the reminders with texts on Whatsapp which is an added advantage.

Plenty of small scale businesses are using Whatsapp now to get in touch with multiple customers. There are restaurants who deliver food upon orders made from Whatsapp messages. Common folks sometimes hesitate whether to believe or proceed into such businesses. For the current conditions, businesses should prefer to reach out for existing customers rather than new ones. Whatsapp would be taking care of this concern by adding a verification option for business. If you in future see a green tick mark, then do understand that it’s verified business user whom you could rely. Because Whatsapp in its pilot program is testing this feature.

Whatsapp says that it will be targeting to charge enterprises in future. Also they add that more features are brought in like, contact details come along with default registered names of computer if you haven’t saved the contact already. This will also enhance an opportunity to create a search box to attain information on desired companies or products.

For security and spam control, Whatsapp is planning on adapting an option from Facebook. In Facebook only the user can initiate a conversation with the company by clicking on ads which come with tap to message option. With this option active intentions of this service cannot be debased.

To wrap, we hope that it is going to be an overwhelming improvisation in whatsapp.

Reference: https://blog.whatsapp.com/10000633/Building-for-People-and-Now-Businesses


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