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BSOD - Blue Screen of Death


Blue screen of death (BSOD) is one among the common occurring serious issues in windows computer. A stop error as such can be caused when the operating system stops working abruptly. Both hardware and software could cause this problem.

Try the following steps to check the issue:

If computer turns on to home screen, try system restore as it had resolved the issue in most cases. While performing system restore make sure you choose a date in which the computer was working void the BSOD issue. If it's a Windows 7 computer, click on Windows icon and in the search box type System restore or Press Windows key + R to open the Run window and type rstrui.exe(works for windows 7/8/8.1/10) to open the system restore window. Once the window is open, proceed further with the on-screen instructions.

If computer doesn’t enter the home screen, try to boot the computer in safe mode by accessing the advanced boot options and proceed with System restore.

Find below the 4 most common BSOD errors and possible solutions:

a. Error code 0x000000D1
This error mostly occurs on the Windows 7 Service pack 1 version of operating system. Microsoft has released a hotfix for this is issue and its available on their website in the following link.

b. Error code 0x0000000A

Majorly this issue occurs due to incompatible drivers or when drivers use an incorrect memory and it occurs mostly in Windows XP Operating system. First step you have to try whenever the issue occurs is to use the Windows Error Reporting Tool which pops up after this error message. When it fails to recover from the issue, try the advanced troubleshooting steps from the following link.


c. Error code 0x00000050

This issue occurs on Windows 7 Operating system computers and its due to the pool corruption occurs in the sys file called srvnet.sys file. A hotfix file is available on the microsoft's support website. The file can be downloaded from the following link.


d. Error code 0x000000C2

The reason for this problem often comes up due to a bug in software or drivers. It's relevant to the remote desktop service on the computer. Microsoft has a hotfix available for this error code and its available in the following link.


Also check the link below to verify the code and its reasons in the following link:



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