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How to fix 404 Page not found


A 404 error while trying to reach a website/webpage means the page you are trying to reach is unavailable on the server. These error messages could be customized by the website owners, many are delivered in a creative way. This error message is not restricted to any platforms of operating system or browsers.

                Usually this error occurs when the websites URL has errors while typing or the particular webpage is moved or removed which should be known to the user. Also, when a website moves its page and if the old link is not re-routed to new page, this error could occur. Sometimes the requested file or webpage could be down for maintenance, upgrades or other reasons. 

These are the following steps that could be tried to verify the issue:

                    Refresh the webpage by clicking on refresh icon on the respective browsers or by tapping ‘F5’ function key.

                    Verify the website URL for spelling errors

                    Search for the webpage in search engines which would help you to re-verify on spelling errors or it could possibly re-direct you to the new webpage

                    Try to clear your browser Cache. If you can access that particular webpage from other devices that are connected in the same network, then try to clear out the Cache and Cookies on the browser.

                    If the website is accessible from other networks but not in a particular one, then try to change the DNS servers.

                    If all steps fail, contact website to validate the information.

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