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How to fix Disk Usage 100% in Windows 10?:



A.      Services (svchost.exe):

svchost.exe can cause problems with the whole situation, however we often fail to understand what svchost.exe does and why it takes to so much disk usage, the possible is that it is performing a Windows update and you don’t know it yet. If you find out that your Windows update is going on, it is safe to say that be patient. Do not restart/modify the updates or in simple words, do not interfere the Windows update. Okay, now what? I have found out that Windows updates are stuck and not working. We got you covered, we have a brief article detailing what one needs to fix the problem over here.

B.      Cleanboot:

Clean boot would certainly help here. It is important to understand that if the problem Is caused by not a Windows service but some other software. If the problem is not caused by Windows service, then there is another service probably causing it. Problem might also be that you are transferring files on the computer to a USB, then it is obvious that you wait for the transfer to complete. The disk usage issues are caused when there is constant file activity within your computer, so perhaps disabling all the services together will fix the problem. We have elaborated the method about cleanboot over here. Please use this as a reference.


Still not able to fix? Ruling out the hardware issue, we can perform a complete tune up on your computer and help you resolve the issue via remote access. Chat or call us today.


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