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How to fix WiFi Limited Access issue on Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10


Workaround 1:


  •          Go to Start->
  •          Type network and sharing center
  •          Click on it to open a window which shows the network you are currently connected to
  •          Click on the WIFI name shown(SSID) -
  •          Click on properties -
  •          Scroll down to IpV6 and uncheck (deselect it) no need to click on it, just uncheck the check box
  •          Click on IpV4 and a new window appears ->
  •          Make sure that IP address is set to automatically granted->
  •          Click OK










Workaround 2:


  •          Go in Start menu and search CMD or Command Prompt. A black window will be pop up on your screen. You need to type further commands:
  •          ipconfig/release then press enter,
  •          ipconfig/renew then press enter,
  •          netsh winsock reset then press enter.
  •          Restart your computer.






Workaround 3:

·         Open Control Panel - Select Network and Sharing Center - Manage Wireless Networks - Highlight your Wifi Network - Right Click and Remove.

·         Reset the TCP/IP stack of the windows system with limited connection status.


Other options:


You can alternatively uninstall and re-install the wireless driver and/or hard reset your router, however this is something that you consider as an advanced option. You can contact AnswersBy Tech support for further assistance.


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