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How to install Predator Sense on Helios 300:


Cannot install Predator Sense on Helios 300:

Before we start here, the basic reason why you cannot install Predator Sense on your Windows 10 because you might have changed your operating system, in such cases, you need to contact Acer in your region and get your recovery drive and re-install your original operating system that came with your Helios 300 and only then will the Predator Sense work.

This article will help solve the problem people with "predatorsense.exe" missing from the directory. If your Predator Sense is not running, this might be the probable reason for that because, the executable is missing from its root directory.


1. Install the turbo boost driver from the Acer driver page 

2. Install the Predator Sense from the setup file available on the acer page 

3. The same Predator Sense installer folder will have a file e917f4dfb84a45c2be385f83479d3c9a predatorsense.exe, please execute that.

If you still have problems with some of your apps not working, you can let us know by contacting AnswersBy via phone or chat. Also, an inquiry can be posted at for further assistance.

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