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How to Create a new user account.


To create a new user account:

  1. Open CMD Prompt...
  2. On Windows XP, click the Start button, then open up Run..., and type in "cmd" and click OK.
  3. On Windows Vista or Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, click Start, search for "cmd" and press Enter.
  4. Add username and password
  5. Now, in the command prompt window, type:
  6. net user /add [username] [password]
  7. Press Enter


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How to fix Disk Usage 100% in Windows 10?:


A.      Services (svchost.exe):

svchost.exe can cause problems with the whole situation, however we often fail to understand what svchost.exe does and why it takes to so much disk usage, the possible is that it is performing a Windows update and you don’t know it yet. If you find out that your Windows update is going on, it is safe to say that be patient. Do not restart/modify the updates or in simple words, do not interfere the Windows update. Okay, now what? I have found out that Windows updates are stuck and not working. We got you covered, we have a brief article detailing what one needs to fix the problem over here.

B.      Cleanboot:

Clean boot would certainly help here. It is important to understand that if the problem Is caused by not a Windows service but some other software. If the problem is not caused by Windows service, then there is another service probably causing it. Problem might also be that you are transferring files on the computer to a USB, then it is obvious that you wait for the transfer to complete. The disk usage issues are caused when there is constant file activity within your computer, so perhaps disabling all the services together will fix the problem. We have elaborated the method about cleanboot over here. Please use this as a reference.


Still not able to fix? Ruling out the hardware issue, we can perform a complete tune up on your computer and help you resolve the issue via remote access. Chat or call us today.

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How to fix: touchpad stopped working after Windows 10 update.


The crucial part of fixing the problem is to update the driver. To update the driver, first you need to go to the device manager.

1.  Open Run command and type devmgmt.msc and you will access the device manager.

2.  1.  The next step is to update the touchpad driver, but here’s the catch, don’t just click on the properties and update. You need to uninstall the driver first and then update.

2. Click on the Driver tab and then click uninstall. Remember, the moment you uninstall the touchpad driver, the touchpad stops working. This is trouble for people with intermittent problem and not permanent. So, get a mouse ready for backup.

3. After you uninstall the driver, you need to update the driver manually. DO NOT RESTART as if you do, your Windows update will update the incorrect driver for you and cause the touchpad not to work. We have made a tutorial here on how to update your driver using its hardware ID. Please follow that and get the issue resolved. Click here to find out how.

4. Now you are ready to restart the computer. Please restart as soon as possible and the issue will be resolved. If not, contact us via phone or chat and we will help you resolve the problem via our support.

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How to install Predator Sense on Helios 300:


Cannot install Predator Sense on Helios 300:

Before we start here, the basic reason why you cannot install Predator Sense on your Windows 10 because you might have changed your operating system, in such cases, you need to contact Acer in your region and get your recovery drive and re-install your original operating system that came with your Helios 300 and only then will the Predator Sense work.

This article will help solve the problem people with "predatorsense.exe" missing from the directory. If your Predator Sense is not running, this might be the probable reason for that because, the executable is missing from its root directory.


1. Install the turbo boost driver from the Acer driver page 

2. Install the Predator Sense from the setup file available on the acer page 

3. The same Predator Sense installer folder will have a file e917f4dfb84a45c2be385f83479d3c9a predatorsense.exe, please execute that.

If you still have problems with some of your apps not working, you can let us know by contacting AnswersBy via phone or chat. Also, an inquiry can be posted at for further assistance.

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How to fix Keyboard not working or partially working (Only some keys/half of the keyboard).


There are multiple solutions for the very problem, I am going to suggest some of the fixes that will fix the issue. As a user of Acer Aspire A515 51G 53JT, I tried a couple of these methods and they seem to to be shutting off keys include 1, 3, -, q, t, p, ], j, 3, 5, right arrow and sometimes left and up arrow. The pattern seems to random and there is no regular pattern and either one or multiple keeps failing.

Fix 1:

Check if the driver is installed correctly, although you do not want to change the installed and working driver in any way, make sure that the driver is installed properly. If your keyboard suddenly stops working, it might because of the driver altogether.


If the driver is not installed, make sure that your Windows is up to date. To do this, press Windows key and I and check if the updates are properly installed.

And when you click the updates, make sure that it is up to date:

This will fix the problem if it is a driver issue, if the updates are not installed or troubled, make sure to install them again by pressing the check for updates.

Fix 2:

The problem will be due to a power surge/distribution causing this, to fix that, make sure that you remove the power cable (Mandatory) and then perform an internal battery reset. This will only work on Acer laptops.

  •          Unplug AC power adapter.
  •          Locate the battery reset pinhole on the bottom of the computer.
  •          Insert a sml paperclip in the battery reset pinhole.
  •          Hold the reset button for 4 seconds. Let the computer sit for 5 minutes with no power.
  •          Connect the AC adapter and power on the system


Fix 3:

Tracking the hardware ID of the device and then reinstall the keyboard. To get the detailed step by step instructions, please follow this article:

Please let us know if this has worked for you by sending a feedback:

Also, you can contact us regarding this and we can provide our best efforts to resolve this for you. To do so, simply visit

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How to fix WiFi Limited Access issue on Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10


Workaround 1:


  •          Go to Start->
  •          Type network and sharing center
  •          Click on it to open a window which shows the network you are currently connected to
  •          Click on the WIFI name shown(SSID) -
  •          Click on properties -
  •          Scroll down to IpV6 and uncheck (deselect it) no need to click on it, just uncheck the check box
  •          Click on IpV4 and a new window appears ->
  •          Make sure that IP address is set to automatically granted->
  •          Click OK










Workaround 2:


  •          Go in Start menu and search CMD or Command Prompt. A black window will be pop up on your screen. You need to type further commands:
  •          ipconfig/release then press enter,
  •          ipconfig/renew then press enter,
  •          netsh winsock reset then press enter.
  •          Restart your computer.






Workaround 3:

·         Open Control Panel - Select Network and Sharing Center - Manage Wireless Networks - Highlight your Wifi Network - Right Click and Remove.

·         Reset the TCP/IP stack of the windows system with limited connection status.


Other options:


You can alternatively uninstall and re-install the wireless driver and/or hard reset your router, however this is something that you consider as an advanced option. You can contact AnswersBy Tech support for further assistance.


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How to easily fix Windows Update Error Code: 80072EE2

The orthodox way:

Step 1:  Download and install the Windows Update agent 
For more information about how to download and install the latest Windows Update agent, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Step 2: Reset Windows Update components

The unorthodox way:

Step 1: Press the Windows key + R

Step 2: You will open a run command and in the run command, you type regedit

Step 3: Once you open the registry editor, you will see a bunch of keys, simply navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU

Step 4: Remove the key. Restart and the update should work.

WARNING: Before you do this step, it is mandatory to back up your registry if something goes wrong.

You can always call us 24/7 or chat with us to get help with this issue as well.

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How to fix Wireless issues.


Wireless internet disconnects on a particular device? Well, there are a handfull of reasons why. This troubleshooting method focuses strictly on a particular disconnection. If your WiFi disconnects on only one laptop or smartphone, try the following troubleshooting method below:


Reason (And/or):


1. Wireless interference.

2. Distance from router.

3. Channels.


Understand that the interface looks different on each and every computer and doeesn't necessarily look the same.



On any Windows, press Windows key + R to bring up the Run command. In the run command, type CMD and this will bring up the Command Prompt,. After you open the command prompt, type ipconfig and press enter. You will see a bunch of numbers, focus on Default Gateway.


Default Gateway


(Number may vary)


Now, type this number on the address bar (On top where you type and you will be able to reach your rourter's admin page. Once here, you will be prompted for a password and username. Type: Admin/password and it might let you in, if not try finding this on the router (Sticker etched on Router). Now look for the option to split the connection between 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency. This will give you two wireless networks in your home after you make the change. While you do this, your internet will disconnect for few seconds. 


Didn't work? See how far are you from the router, closed doors, thick walls and many more stops your wireless from transponding to your devices. Be on high alert. Alternatively you can also play around with changing the wireless channels. Best channels are 1, 6, 11 and for 5ghz it is 146 and 161.

If you still need further support, contact Answersby Tech Support

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How to connect Wireless Printer on a PC.


1. You've a wireless printer 
2. A computer that has wireless connectivity. 

If so, you're connecting the computer to a wireless network, for example "Belkinhome1" you need to connect your printer to the same Belkinhome1 and once your wireless printer and computer are on the same network.

Cool, now open the run command and type control printers and this will give you an option to open the printer menu. Now click on add a printer and your printer will be listed in the list of printers available for you to connect. Select the printer and go next and next and next until finish.

Everything is now set up, try to do a test print and things will and should go smooth from now on. Let me know if this has worked.

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How to fix 404 Page not found


A 404 error while trying to reach a website/webpage means the page you are trying to reach is unavailable on the server. These error messages could be customized by the website owners, many are delivered in a creative way. This error message is not restricted to any platforms of operating system or browsers.

                Usually this error occurs when the websites URL has errors while typing or the particular webpage is moved or removed which should be known to the user. Also, when a website moves its page and if the old link is not re-routed to new page, this error could occur. Sometimes the requested file or webpage could be down for maintenance, upgrades or other reasons. 

These are the following steps that could be tried to verify the issue:

                    Refresh the webpage by clicking on refresh icon on the respective browsers or by tapping ‘F5’ function key.

                    Verify the website URL for spelling errors

                    Search for the webpage in search engines which would help you to re-verify on spelling errors or it could possibly re-direct you to the new webpage

                    Try to clear your browser Cache. If you can access that particular webpage from other devices that are connected in the same network, then try to clear out the Cache and Cookies on the browser.

                    If the website is accessible from other networks but not in a particular one, then try to change the DNS servers.

                    If all steps fail, contact website to validate the information.

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How to Perform SFC Scan

  1. In the Administrator Command Prompt window, type the SFC /SCANNOW and press Enter.
  2. Wait until the command checks Windows 10 for the missing or corrupt files, and fixes the errors automatically.
  3. Restart the computer when done.

Here's an example of the error log:


"2007-01-12 12:10:42, Info                  CSI    00000008 [SR] Cannot 
repair member file [l:34{17}]"Accessibility.dll" of Accessibility, Version = 
6.0.6000.16386, pA = PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_MSIL (8), Culture neutral, 
VersionScope neutral, PublicKeyToken = {l:8 b:b03f5f7f11d50a3a}, Type 
neutral, TypeName neutral, PublicKey neutral in the store, file is missing"

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How to Ping Any Website


To ping a website, simply open Elevated Command Prompt:


Type Ping and it should bring up results:

If there's a request timeout, then the issue is related to the internet, meaning that the customer's internet is not working.


Answersby Tech Support

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ISSUE : “169.x.x.x / APIPA IP address problems”

2018-04-24 0000000001


This article outlines methods of resolving issues with a 169.x.x.x IP address. This address results from a built in feature of windows called automatic private IP address(APIPA). When your computer is unable to find a DHCP server the APIPA service will assign itself a 169.x.x.x IP address. According to Microsoft, the APIPA service checks for a DHCP server every five minutes.


If you're getting a in your computer, means your computer probably didn’t communicate with your router. Below can be the probable reasons:

  •  Cable unplugged from either ends ( On the computer side or router side)
  • IP address not refreshed
  • Anti-Virus blocking the connectivity


Releasing the IP address


1. Click on Start and click Run.
2. Inside Run, type ipconfig /release to release the IP address.
3. Then after the IP address is released, type ipconfig /renew

Disabling the Ethernet Adapter

1. Click on Start and right click on My Computer. Then click on Manage.
2. Click on Device Manager and then Network Adapters
3. Under Network Adapters, right click on your Ethernet adapter and select Disable.
4. Wait approximately 5 seconds and right click on it and click Re-enable.
5. This restarts the DHCP client and tries to obtain an IP address from the Network.

Check the Ethernet cable

Sometimes a bad Ethernet cable can cause your system to receive a 169 IP address, try changing out the cable for a new one.

Disable antivirus and firewall applications

Disable/uninstall any external firewall, antivirus, or spyware programs (eg. Norton Internet Security, McAfee Security Center, Webroot).

Restarting the QoS packet scheduler Protocol

1. Click on Start and click Control Panel.
2. In Control Panel, double click on Network Connections and then Local Area Connection.
3. Click on Properties and uncheck QoS Packet Scheduler.
4. Click Ok and repeat the process. 

Restarting the DHCP service


1. Click Start and select Run.
2. Type services.msc in Run and click Ok.
3. Find DHCP service and right click on it. Click on Stop.
4. Reboot the computer.
5. When the computer boots up, click Start and select Run
6. Inside Run, type the following: netsh int ip reset log.txt
7. Click Ok.

System Restore

1. Open Start and click on Programs and then Accessories.

2. Then click on System Tools.
3. Click on System Restore and select a restore point when you were not experiencing this problem.
4. Restore your system.

Instead of disabling Ethernet or wireless N/w adapter,If it is Windows vista or Windows 7 we can try to uninstall and reboot the sys to check if sys automatically detects and install the N/w drivers.


Applies to:

ü  Windows XP

ü  Windows  Vista

ü  Windows 7

ü  Windows 8/8.1

ü  Windows 10

If you still need further support, contact Answersby Tech Support

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Invalid IP - Finding it out


Featured image

IP Address that start with 169.254.x.xx are usually invalid IP address/local IP Address and is not getting the information from the internet service providers.

With the numbers you have, determine if you have a valid/invalid IP address and proceed forward.



  1. You can try /ipconfig /release and then try doing /ipconfig /renew - This will obtain a new IP address for you.
  2. Do a power cycle reset (Turn off the router, wait for 30 seconds and turn it back on)
  3. Do a complete router reset (Contact yoru ISP first before doing it)
Alternatively, you can contact your Internet Service Provider for further help. You can also contact Answersby Tech Support as well for further help.


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How to rename Software Distribution and fix Windows update issues.


You need to first stop the Automatic Updates:

Stop the Automatic Updates service. To do this, follow these steps:


a. Click "Start", click"Run", type "services.msc" (without the quotation marks), and then click "OK".

b. Right-click the "Automatic Updates" service.

c. Click "Stop". The service will take a moment to stop.


2. Rename C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution to C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution_old, and backup the folder to an alternate location.


3. Start the Automatic Updates service. To do this, follow these steps:


a. Click "Start", click "Run", type "services.msc" (without the quotation marks), and then click "OK".

b. Right-click the "Automatic Updates" service, and then click "Start".

By doing this, you will be able to create a new software distribution to fix the issues that you have with Windows 10 updates.

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Cryptolockers/ransomware causes and how to be safe


Most of the Cryptolockers are caused by our own mistakes and it is easy to fall victim for the phishing email that they receive from the hacker.

Here’s an example of how an email distinguishes itself as a genuine package delivery but has the file that corrupts and locks your files:

If you are careless, it merely takes a minute to lock all your files and you’ve to pay the ransom which gives its name the RansomWare to unlock all your files.

If I pay the ransom, would they return my files? Well, not necessarily no! In many cases, the hacker will take your money and would leave you clueless. It is tough to recall a person with success getting their files back from these hackers and they automatically chain up emails to your contacts on Outlook and this is how it spreads. These files hijack your Outlook contacts and your email contacts.

To avoid all the chaos, just simply see who the email has been sent from and do a little reverse look up. In other words, the above email claims that it is from FedEx but if you look closely, the sender of the email is and this doesn’t look like FedEx. This is your first alert. Second, if you have not ordered any package, you shouldn’t be receiving one. This reminds me of the famous 419 scams that are being sent from mostly Nigeria claiming that you’ve won lottery when you did not buy one.

Ransomwares are inevitable. We all have received them via email, most of these are filtered by your email provider such as Google, Yahoo and AOL but a few pass by their security gates and will reach you. With proper caution you can easily bypass their cynical intentions.

I am affected by a ransomware/crpytolocker, what should I do? The answer is pretty much nothing, however it is not the end of the world. Most of the cryptolockers haven’t been decrypted but a handful of them has been. You can visit to check if you’ve a decrypter available for your situation. There are handful of them which you can use to solve the issue. You can simply lookup the name of your ransomware on Google and find it on the internet with some basic Google searches and forum results.

As said earlier, it is prevention that will keep you safe from all these issues; I highly recommend double/tripe checking before you download any attachments that may cause mayhem. Good luck and safe browsing! You can alternatively call us as well for further help in reference to these and we’ll provide our best effort support.

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How to perform a clean boot on your Windows 10


1.       Open the start menu and type MSConfig

2.       Click on the System Configuration icon and it will open up soon.

3.     2. After it opens up, you need to navigate to the services tab (Screenshot below).

4.   3.  Make sure that you select Hide all Microsoft services and then click on Disable All.

5.   4. Click the Startup tab.

6.   5. Now click on Open Task Manager Button and navigate to the Startup page.


7. Now you can disable the Startup items that you feel has an impact on your boot and issue. Simply right click and hit Disable.

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Fix for Windows needs more space issue.

Windows updates are sometimes a choire, so the plan is to route the updates to an external USB drive. This is quite easy if you follow the below sets of instruction.

Step 1: Free up space

Although you’re using an external storage device, your hard drive still requires space to install the update. Here’s how to make some:

  1. In More space needed for update, select Free up space.

    Clear space with an external storage device.
  2. This opens Storage in Settings, which shows how much space is available on your device. Select your C: drive to see what’s using the most space and to clear it by deleting nonessential files. (For tips, see Free up drive space in Windows 10).
  3. Return to More space needed for update and select the refresh  icon next to the Free up space button. If you deleted enough files, a green check mark will appear next to the hard drive 
    Internal hard drive icon

Step 2: Connect an external storage device

  1. Connect your external storage device and wait until you see it in the drop-down list under Step 2 (you might need to select the refresh   icon). If the external storage device has enough free space, a green check mark will appear next to the storage drive  icon.
  2. Select Continue to finish installing the update.

If you don’t want to use an external storage device, you’ll need to free up more space on your hard drive.

  1. In More space needed for update, select Free up space.

    Clear space from your hard drive
  2. This opens Storage under Settings, which shows how much space is available on your device. Select your C: drive to see what’s using the most space and to delete nonessential files. (For tips, see Free up drive space in Windows 10.)
  3. Return to More space needed for update and select the refresh  icon next to the Free up space button. If you deleted enough files, a green check mark will appear next to the hard drive 
    Internal hard drive icon
  4. Select Continue to finish installing the update.

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Browser Hijack – Google Chrome


Step 1:


We need to see the reason for the pop up. So, in simple words, the pop up might be caused by a malicious extension. So the first thing we do is to press the three dots on the right side top of your Chrome and click More Tools and then Extensions.

Step 2:


No malicious extensions? No problem, the problem might not be just with such extensions. A Google Chrome reset is required in such cases if your Chrome was a victim of Browser hijack.

So click the three dots again to bring up Settings this time and once you click Settings, a new window opens up and from where you need to click on Advanced from the left side and press Reset.

Before you do reset, understand that upon reset, you will be clearing your cookies which means you will be logged out of websites that has your cookie information so you need to log back innit.

Good luck and remember, do not call the number of such incidents where you’ll end up calling a scam company.

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How to fix Windows 8.1/10 Updates issue


Step 1:


Open Run command and type services.msc. Once you have done that, you need to stop four services before you can proceed forward. The services are:


  •          Background Intelligent Services (BITS)
  •          Cryptographic Services
  •          Windows Updates
  •          Windows Installer.

StoStop the services as shown below (Screenshots):

Step 2:

Once the services are stopped, the next thing you need to do is to go to C:\Windows and rename the folder called SoftwareDistribution to something like SoftwareDistribution.old. (Screenshots attached below).

Step 3:

Upon doing these two steps, you need to restart the computer and check for updates. That will fix the problem and if the problem persists. We are available 24/7.


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List of Run Commands and its functions.


Run Command

XPS Viewer xpsrchvw
Windows Update Standalone Installer wusa
Windows Update wuapp
Windows Action Center wscui.cpl
Windows Script Host wscript
WordPad write
Windows Media Player wmplayer
WMI Management wmimgmt.msc
Version Reporter Applet winver
Windows Anytime Upgrade WindowsAnytimeUpgradeui
Windows Anytime Upgrade Results windowsanytimeupgraderesults
New Scan Wizard wiaacmgr
Windows Fax and Scan wfs
Open Videos folder videos
Driver Verifier Manager verifier
Ease of Access Center utilman
Utility Manager utilman
User Account Control Settings useraccountcontrolsettings
Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Management tpm.msc
Date and Time timedate.cpl
Phone and Modem telephon.cpl
Task Scheduler taskschd.msc
Task Manager taskmgr
Pen and Touch tabletpc.cpl
Digitizer Calibration Tool tabcal
System Properties (Remote Tab) systempropertiesremote
System Properties (System Protection Tab) systempropertiesprotection
Performance Options systempropertiesperformance
System Properties (Hardware Tab) systempropertieshardware
Data Execution Prevention systempropertiesdataexecutionprevention
System Properties (Advanced Tab) systempropertiesadvanced
SAM Lock Tool syskey
System Configuration Editor sysedit
System Properties sysdm.cpl
Sticky Notes stikynot
Sound recorder soundrecorder
Snipping Tool snippingtool
Volume Mixer sndvol
Windows Activation Client slui
Share Creation Wizard shrpubw
Shared Folder Wizard shrpubw
Services services.msc
Backup and Restore sdclt
System Restore rstrui
Resource Monitor resmon
Registry Editor regedit
Open Recent Folder recent
Windows Repair Disc recdisc
Remote Access Phonebook rasphone
Problem Steps Recorder psr
Printer User Interface printui
Windows PowerShell ISE powershell_ise
Windows PowerShell powershell
Power Options powercfg.cpl
Open Pictures Folder pictures
Performance Monitor perfmon.msc
On-Screen Keyboard osk
Windows Features optionalfeatures
ODBC Data Source Administrator odbcad32
Notepad notepad
Advanced User Accounts netplwiz
Network Connections ncpa.cpl
Narrator narrator
NAP Client Configuration napclcfg.msc
Remote Desktop Connection mstsc
Windows Remote Assistance msra
Paint mspaint
System Information msinfo32
Diagnostics Troubleshooting Wizard msdt
System Configuration msconfig
Malicious Software Removal Tool mrt
Sync Center mobsync
Sound mmsys.cpl
Microsoft Management Console mmc
Math Input Panel mip
Windows Easy Transfer migwiz
Windows Memory Diagnostic Scheduler mdsched
Windows Mobility Center mblctr
Mouse main.cpl
Magnifier magnify
Local Users and Groups lusrmgr.msc
Language Pack Installer lpksetup
Game Controllers joy.cpl
Windows Journal journal
Windows Disc Image Burning Tool isoburn
Getting Started irprops.cpl
Region and Language intl.cpl
Internet Options inetcpl.cpl
IExpress Wizard iexpress
Internet Explorer iexplore
Device Manager hdwwiz.cpl
Add Hardware Wizard hdwwiz
Fax Cover Page Editor fxscover
Shared Folders fsmgmt.msc
Windows Firewall firewall.cpl
Open Favorites Folder favorites
Windows Explorer explorer
Event Viewer eventvwr.msc
Private Character Editor eudcedit
DirectX Diagnostic Tool dxdiag
Windows DVD Maker dvdmaker
Display dpiscaling
DPAPI Key Migration Wizard dpapimig
Open Downloads Folder downloads
Open Documents Folder documents
Connect to a Projector displayswitch
Disk Management diskmgmt.msc
Phone Dialer dialer
Disk Defragmenter dfrgui
Adding a new Device devicepairingwizard
Screen Resolution desk.cpl
Component Services dcomcnfg
Display Color Calibration dccw
ClearType Tuner cttune
Credential Backup and Restore Wizard credwiz
User Accounts control.exe /name Microsoft.UserAccounts
Troubleshooting control.exe /name Microsoft.Troubleshooting
Taskbar and Start Menu control.exe /name Microsoft.TaskbarandStartMenu
Control Panel control
Set Program Access and Computer Defaults computerdefaults
Computer Management compmgmtlauncher
Computer Management compmgmt.msc
Component Services comexp.msc
Color Management colorcpl
People Near Me collab.cpl
Command Prompt cmd
SQL Server Client Network Utility cliconfg
Disk Cleanup cleanmgr
Character Map charmap
Certificates certmgr.msc
Calculator calc
Advanced User Accounts azman.msc
Programs and Features appwiz.cpl


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Keyboard and Mouse not working after Windows Update.

To resolve the issue , please follow the sequence of TS steps listed below :

Try to do BIOS defaults.
Try to plug or re plug the external wired cable keyboard & mouse in different ports on the pc. (Or) Try connecting an alternate keyboard & mouse with the pc.
If the pc is bootable in the normal mode then, look for the update KB4074588 (OS Build 16299.248) under the view installed updates section and then uninstall it. Restart the pc.
If the pc is not bootable in the normal mode then try to go to the Advanced Options mode and try starting the pc in the safe mode and try to remove the above specified windows update KB.
If the issue exists then try to perform system restore by selecting a date before the recent windows update.
If the system restore is not fixing the issue then check with supervisor and then inform the customer about PC Refresh / Reset.

Reference Article :

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Blue Screen of Death error codes and solutions.


Problem might be because of boot.ini corruption or caused by a damaged Hard Disk. To fix this error, one must run an hardware diagnosis and see if there's a hard disk failure. If not hard disk needs to be replaced.

0x00000024 - NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM:

Hard Disk Drive going bad.  Same as above, run a hardware diagnosis and see if that fixes the issue. If not, contact the manufacturer if this BSOD happens more than twice.


Possible memory issue. The RAM is experiencing an issue. A hardware diagnosis on memory needs to be run to identify the issue.


Windows cannot finda  boot device, typically after loading Windows files, the hard disk cannot continue due to corruptions in the HDD.


Sometimes caused by third party softwares, also caused by inserting new hardware that is not compatible with your computer. Most of these peoples occur when your Windows installs a driver that is not compatible with your hardware/software. First try uninstalling the software and if that doesn't help, try removing the hardware and then go to safe mode and uinstall the software.


Sometimes caused by third party softwares, also caused by inserting new hardware that is not compatible with your computer. Most of these peoples occur when your Windows installs a driver that is not compatible with your hardware/software. First try uninstalling the software and if that doesn't help, try removing the hardware and then go to safe mode and uinstall the software.


Sometimes caused by third party softwares, also caused by inserting new hardware that is not compatible with your computer. Most of these peoples occur when your Windows installs a driver that is not compatible with your hardware/software. First try uninstalling the software and if that doesn't help, try removing the hardware and then go to safe mode and uinstall the software.


Many reasons, can be caused by hardware issues on RAM, Video Card and/or Hard Disk Drive. Running a diagnosis will narrow the issue down.


corrupted RAM, caused basically because the RAM memory has been corrupted. Diagnosis will surely answer the inquiry.

0x0000004E - PFN_LIST_CORRUPT:

Same as above, except this message is direct. RAM has gone bad and needs replacement or diagnosis.


Caused by video card driver or possible corrupted video card. Download the latest driver from manufacturers.

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Automatic restarts

Have you ever experienced the computer shutting down abruptly while working on it? There is quite a lot of computers facing this problem when it's set to restart on system failure. An effective option to cover up the issue would be to disable the automatic restart option and ofcourse its recommendable.

In Windows 7, click on Start then right click on Computer and choose the option ‘Properties' from the menu. In the Properties window, choose the option Advanced system settings from the menu on the left hand side. In the new window that pops-up, choose the tab Advanced and click on the button Settings under the option Startup and Recovery. Again a new window would pop-up; uncheck the box next to ‘Automatically restart' that you will find under System failure.