Notebook battery drain procedure


Here are the instructions to drain the battery.

Note: This is a general procedure, it may vary for different brand and model. Please refer the product manual.

To recalibrate the battery, complete the following steps:

1. Plug in the AC adapter.
2. Allow the battery to charge until the Battery Charge light turns off, showing that the battery is fully charged.
3. After the Battery Charge light turns off, unplug the AC adapter.
4. Turn on or restart your Notebook.

Note: Steps 5 through 8 prevent your Notebook from entering Sleep mode. These steps also allow the battery to drain faster.

5. Click Start and then Control Panel.
6. Click the Power Options icon to display the Power Options Properties dialog box.
7. Click the Power Schemes tab and select the Portable/Laptop scheme.
8. From the Running on batteries column:

a. In the Turn off monitor drop-down list, select Never.
b. In the Turn off hard disks drop-down list, select Never.
c. In the System standby drop-down list, select Never.
d. In the System hibernates drop-down list, select Never.

9. Let the battery drain until your Notebook reaches Hibernation and turns off.
10. Plug in the AC adapter and restart your Notebook.
11. Return to the Power Options Properties dialog box, and re-enter your power savings settings to the desired level.

Note: Battery charging time will vary based on the initial battery charge, the type of battery, and the activity of your Notebook while charging. Your Notebook's batteries charge much faster if the Notebook is off while charging.

After performing the above steps, please reset the BIOS and perform the Power Drain. Please follow the steps to perform these steps:

Reset the BIOS:

1. Restart the notebook.
2. Tap the F2 key as soon as the manufacturer logo appears.
3. Using the arrow keys, navigate to Exit menu and select Get defaults values.
4. Navigate to Exit menu and select Save Changes and Exit.

Power Drain:

Why and how do we need do power drain in notebook?


Due to regular usage of the notebook, some static charges tend to stay in the computer Mother Board, this sometimes results in not allowing the computer to function properly.

In order to isolate the issue, we request you to perform Power Drain to discharge the static charges from the notebook capacitors:


Please follow the power drain procedure.

1. Disconnect the AC Adapter.
2. Remove the Battery.
3. Hold the Power button down for 45 seconds to 1 minute.
4. Reconnect the AC adapter.
5. Turn on the Notebook power.

Try restarting the computer only with the AC power, without the battery & vice-versa.

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